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Established in the year 1812 as the City Bank of New York, Citibank is known today as the corporate banking branch of financial services colossus Citigroup, one of the largest companies in the world

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Original Citi logo

Paula Scher – the designer behind the recently re-branded Citibank logo, is a member of the Art Directors Club Hall of Fame and the first Pentagram partner to receive the Type Directors Club Medal. Paula has developed environmental graphics, identity and branding systems,publication designs, packaging and promotional materials for a wide range of clients.

citi logo

Unveiled on February 13, 2007, the new logo is – as Paula has stated – a marriage of the the word Citi and the old Travelerâ™s insurance umbrella to create an umbrella in the middle of the word. The change took place mainly due to the transformation of Citibank from Citigroup to Citi. Scher cleverly used the “t” in Citi as the handle for the Traveler’s umbrella making the resulting giant far more approachable.

There were voices claiming that the previous emblem featuring a compass rose along the “Citibank” word mark is felt to be more confident in depicting stature and visual presence. However, the company’s cards divisions and consumer banking operations responded to the new Citi logo with enthusiasm, and relaunched its consumer banking operations around the world.

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