DC comics Logo Design History

DC Comics is a division of Warner Brothers Entertainment and an American comic book. The initials “DC” stood originally for the company’s title Detective Comics, and later became the official name.

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DC comics Logo Design History

The first DC Comics logo was introduced in 1940. The small logo read simply, “A DC Publication”. The November 1941 DC titles brought out a new version, which was the first DC logo to have a white background. By November 1949, the circular logo was updated to comprise the company’s formal name – National Comics Publications. DC Comics decided to retire the circular emblem in October 1970 in favor of a simple “DC” in a rectangle with the star of the book or the name of the title.

The initials “DC” appeared in a block-like typeface that would remain through later logo revisions. However, in 2005 the publisher of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman decided to replace the old, flat, four-star bullet logo that has been on the covers of DC Comics since the mid-1970’s. The new logo – “DC” letters against a Saturn-like ring in a dimensional rendering, with a single star – obsolesces the longstanding, Milton Glaser-designed icon. The move was considered “part face lift and part marketing strategy.” The first comic book with the new symbol came out in stores on May 25, 2005.

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