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If your business deals with advertisements, with designing blogs and websites and so on, then you definitely are in need of a great agency that would be able to provide you the right photographs, vectors and logos. Well, search no more! Thanks to Depositphotos microstock agency you will be able to manage your business the way you always wanted. Thus, now you will succeed in managing the content of your website and in providing your customers, exactly the things they need, just by registering on their website.


However, when it comes to registering you can do it either as a buyer or as a contributor. If you are interested in the second option and you would like to become a contributor, then there are a few things you should know. First of all registering on the website is absolutely free, but if you desire to sell your work, then you will have to pass the examination test. This means that you should upload your best images and if the inspectors like them, then you can call yourself a contributor. As far as money is concerned, it all depends on the popularity you gain on the website and on the number of downloads you get.

On the other hand, if you are a buyer you will be pleased to learn that you could get stock logos, logo design, images, vectors, and so on from So, as you can see their products are quite diversified. Besides that English is not the only language available on the website; on the contrary. This means that when you are looking for an image you can type the keywords in any language available on their web page (French, Italian, Spanish, and so on) and you will surely find what you need.

Money is very important when managing a business, and as a result it is quite natural to be interested in how much you will have to pay for the suitable product. When it comes to this subject you have two options. You could choose one of their subscription plans, in which the prices vary between $69 and $649. Or, you could buy the credits you need for your photos and pay as you go. For this option prices start from $50 and could get to $905. Beware, though, as it was previously mentioned you need credits, in order to purchase images. So, do not get confused and make sure to check the credits you require before making a transaction.


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Therefore, it doesn’t matter how you will register on As you can see it is full of advantages, sales, high quality products and a great opportunity for the contributors to make their work known to the entire world.