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Shell logo vector
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For more than a century, the word ‘Shell’ has immensely acknowledged the Shell brand and endorsed the commercial character. Undoubtedly, the Shell logo, highlighted in red and yellow since decades, has played a vital role in the promotion of the company. Shell logo holds distinctive qualities that draw audience’s attention to itself. It projects an emotion of professionalism and defines the company’s outstanding position and stupendous products.

The company primarily dealt with transport, trading and shipping. Hence the first emblem was designed in 1904 known as ‘Shell’ logo or a ‘Pecten’ and introduced the corporation with a high class brand name. It was not astonishing to have a shell insignia for Shell Co. as it was the firm name. Nevertheless, the Shell logo stands forward in the line of world’s most recognizable logo designs.

Design Elements of Shell Logo:

Over the years, the Shell logo has been renovated quite a lot of time but the shell graphic has stood courageously to benefit the logo design. The current Shell logo was sketched by a pre eminent designer Raymond Loewy in 1971. Shell logo has proved to be the most impressive design by the contributions of the great designer.

Shape of Shell Logo:

Shell logo consists of a shell image which has served the emblem since decades. This illustration was adopted after the company name. It certainly narrates the company’s high corporate reputation and class. The image of the shell in Shell logo has been redesigned quite some times but it still continues to hold supremacy, power and strength.

Color of Shell Logo:

The use of highlighting color is gracefully adopted in Shell logo. Red and yellow are the colors utilized to enhance the beauty of the Shell logo. The tin containers that were used to be shipped by Samuel and Company were painted in red shade, hence explaining the use of red tint in the Shell logo.

Font of Shell Logo:

A very simple and easy to remember typeface is employed in Shell logo to enhance the characteristics of the company and its high quality products. The alphabets are done in bold font to impose a high status of the corporation market position.

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