15 wonderfully simple logo designs

It’s no coincidence that the most memorable logo designs are also the most simple in appearance. You want the identities you create to be instantly recognisable, acting as a memorable identifier for the company they represent. A consumer will normally just take a fleeting glimpse at a logo, and an overly complex mark will make that opportunity redundant.

Here are 15 examples of simple, successful designs.

1/ WWF
Designed by Sir Peter Scott, in 1961.

WWF logo

2/ Shell
Designed by Raymond Loewy, in 1971.

Shell logo

3/ Bayer
Designed by Bayer, in 1904.

Bayer logo

4/ Message
Designed by Sam Dallyn, in 2001.

Message logo

5/ USA Network
Designed by Peloton Design, in 2005.

USA Network logo

6/ Innocent
Designed by Deepend, in 1999.

Innocent logo

7/ British Golf Museum
Designed by Tayburn, in 2004.

British Golf Museum logo

8/ London Underground
Designed by Edward Johnston, in 1918.

London Underground logo

9/ Mitsubishi Motors
Designed by Yataro Iwasaki, in 1870.

Mitsubishi logo

10/ Shelter
Designed by Johnson Banks, in 2003.

Shelter logo

11/ 3M
Designed by Siegal & Gale, in 1977.

3M logo

12/ Apple
Designed by Regis McKenna Advertising, in 1977.

Apple logo

13/ Penguin
Designed by Edward Young, in 1935.

Penguin logo

14/ Families
Designed by Herb Lubalin, in 1980.

Families logo

15/ Waterways Trust
Designed by Pentagram, in 2000.

Waterways Trust logo

Are there any designs you’d add to this collection?