7 Innovative Strategies for Logo Designers to resolve Disputes!!

It is a common phenomenon that when two minds clash on the same subject, there is always an element of conflict involved. Same thing goes for the world of logo design as well. Clashes between logo designers and clients, is quiet common. There is always a bone of contention between the two as both try to stamp their authority on the relationship.

But logo designers must remember that disputes must be resolved in order to carry a healthy relationship. Their disagreements should not lead to a battle of ego and attitude. On the contrary, these conflicts can strengthen their relationship if dealt properly. Instead of using of an “I Win- You Lose” attitude, logo designers should adopt an “I Win-You Win” attitude with their clientele.

Following are 7 effective strategies and techniques that can amazingly help logo designers resolve any conflicts and win their clients:

1. Don’t Compete, Collaborate:


First thing which logo designers need to avoid is to compete with their clients. Being a logo designer, you need to abandon the idea of winning an argument with your client. Instead of competing, logo designers should collaborate with their clients. Collaboration enables a win-win situation for both the parties by maximizing both their interests and opinions.

2. “HOPE” for the best:


It is rightly said that “Patience is a virtue” because you can win any battle by exhibiting patience and composure. So the next technique to resolve conflicts with your clients is by keeping HOPE… by what I mean “Hang Onto Positive Emotions”. Use confident and positive body language and emotions to exhibit your confidence. For example, keep your head up, face forward, maintain eye contact, and retain a steady posture while talking with the client.

3. Don’t Debate, Accommodate:

Another quick and useful strategy to settle a quarrel with your client is to accommodate rather than debate. Instead of arguing, logo designers should learn to accommodate with clients requirements. This can save you a lot of time debating over the issue and help you focus more on the core job.

4. Talk With Facts and Stats:

If you want to win a conflict, the best way is to come up with concrete facts and figures. This will strengthen your point with the clients who will be impressed by your research and statistical skills. Facts and figures serve as evidence for your statements to the clients. For example, mostly dispute begins with price of your logo design service. You can show them the cost of famous logos to convince them for the charges of your hard work.

5. Speak Less, Listen More:

Another way to calm down matters for a logo design deal is to listen more and speak less. This is one of the traits of successful logo designers. Let your client speak out as much as he wants, after all it’s his project that you’re working on. Even if the client gets finicky and aggravated, hear him attentively and don’t interrupt when he/she speaks. Clients appreciate when they are heard carefully. Even if they are angry, let them vent out their anger and ultimately they will get tired of it.

6. Don’t Sympathize, Empathize:

Now I know that some clients can come up with silliest requirements and amendments. But sometimes, the quarrel begins just because logo designers start making fun of clients’ naivety and childish demands. Thinking that they know way better than their clients, they feel pity for them and try to sympathize with their naivety. Instead of feeling sorry for the clients’ lack of knowledge about logo design, they should share their problems and try level best to understand their requirements.

7. Laughter is the Best Medicine:

One of the most common and easiest ways to resolve a conflict is the laughter therapy. Whenever you are stuck in a dispute with a client, try using light humor to break the ice. You will notice how easily this changes your client’s mood…after all laughter is the best medicine isn’t it?