New Idea for Pepsi Logo

Recently when Pepsi updated their logo, as designers, we did not feel that it was much different than the previous one . Pepsi, throughout the years, have always did very small, and careful changes in their logo. We think it’s time for Pepsi to be brave and make a bolder redesign of their logo.

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This is our suggestion :

We took the logo to a new level, taking it from 2D to 3D, just by playing with the shapes and the shadows (a very hot trend in design now).

We wanted an inspirational and uplifting slogan. Focusing on all the good habits we do, habits that make us happy which we need to keep doing and never stop them. Things like love, laughing, dreaming, playing sports, playing music — Drinking Pepsi should be one of those habits that we don’t stop.

  • Don’t stop…
  • Don’t stop loving
  • Don’t stop laughing
  • Don’t stop running
  • Don’t stop playing music
  • Don’t stop dreaming
  • Don’t stop living
  • Don’t stop drinking Pepsi

Source: Behance