15 Dove Logo Designs

A dove, the symbolic message of peace and calmness, is one of the most recognized images in the world today. No matter where you go and which language you speak, everyone understands the meaning of peace that a dove portrays.

It is not uncommon to find the dove being used figuratively in the design of several logos. Widespread use of this bird, either emblematically or literally, has been observed frequently in the logo designing world. Sometimes, the dove image is tactfully presented in a logo design, such that the logo may not look very obviously like a dove, but will start becoming more obvious if one looks carefully.

Here’s a selection of a few interesting dove logos we thought were worth sharing.

Dove Logo 1

This logo represents beauty and sophistication. The olive branch in the dove’s mouth further reiterates the message of peace that the logo conveys. It can be used for peace-oriented organizations or even for religious groups.

Dove Logo 2

The use of hands in this logo to create a dove image characterizes freedom, liberty and happiness. Of course, the message of peace is also being portrayed, and the careful use of colours augments the look of the logo.

Dove Logo 3

A logo for new home development, this is a very smartly-designed one. The swan-like bird image creates an aura of tranquility and calmness, which any house owner would want in their home.

Dove Logo 4

The number 50 has been very cleverly used in this dove logo design. Together with the message of peace, it signifies an important milestone in terms of a particular number, such as a 50-years anniversary, or an event with 50 key participants, etc.

Dove Logo 5

There’s something very happy and serene about this logo. It complements the name of the company, ‘goodness’ very well, as it carries feelings of kindness and prosperity through the use of the dove and suitable colours.

Dove Logo 6

Look at this unique logo very carefully. Do you spot a Buddha eye that is making up the dove’s wings? With both the images representing peace, this logo conveys the message of peace very powerfully.

Dove Logo 7

The Macquarie University’s Salvation Army is a student group at the university dedicated to providing opportunities to on-campus students to engage in altruistic, benevolent initiatives taken up by the group.Could there have been a more powerful logo than this one where the dove is aptly representing the spirit of philanthropy and well-being?

Dove Logo 8

No dove logo collection is complete without this famous logo of the cosmetic group. The unconventional use of images and typography have made this brand a very strong one representing true, ‘inner’ beauty and not just superficial elements.

Dove Logo 9

Notice how this logo has combined a representation of a leaf and the dove. Apt with the project’s name ‘Hope’, the logo infuses feelings of optimism and nurturing, and has a very strong feel-good factor about it.

Dove Logo 10

Another dove logo for a foundation representing hope, this is a classic design where the figurative wings of a dove have been smartly used.

Dove Logo 11

Here’s a rather cute and fun dove logo. It’s symbolizing love, happiness and joy in a very catchy, cheerful way!

Dove Logo 12

One of the strongest message that a dove portrays is that of ‘no to war and yes to peace’. This logo communicates an anti-war message quite effectively.

Dove Logo 13

This is a very unique use of a dove logo – for a financial company. The careful use of a dove and a hand creates an element of trust, which clients value tremendously when placing their money with a financial institution.

Dove Logo 14

The use of dove logos for churches and religious groups is not uncommon. This is because the bird also infuses one with feelings of faith and hope, in addition to the message of peace. This is an example of how the dove has been used in a faith-oriented logo design.

Dove Logo 15

Which international organization carries the message of peace as potently as the United Nations? The logo with the creative use of a flying dove is an excellent way of honoring 21st September as the international day of peace.

So what are your views about these dove logos? Do you think the bird has been used effectively to convey the right message? Do post your comments!

Suorce: Logoguru